Our Team

We work year-round with an all star cast of volunteers, in-kind partners, and our local government to get… stuff… done.
Al Wilson
Al Wilson Founder & CEO
Charlotte Maher
Charlotte Maher Art Director
Kat Rubio
Kat Rubio Community Engagement Manager
Philip Fagan
Philip Fagan Finance & Operations
Cey Adams
Cey Adams Consultant & Advisor
Golden Production Manager
Keif Production Manager
Ferns Francois
Ferns Francois Francois Studios | Filmmaker & Photographer
"I love Lynn"
Danielle Marie Francois
Danielle Marie Francois Francois Studios | Filmmaker & Photographer
Ryan Coulanges
Ryan Coulanges Graphic Designer
Koeun Neak
Koeun Neak Videographer
Carlos Prudencio
Carlos Prudencio Youth Intern Leaders
Damianny Garrido
Damianny Garrido Youth Intern Leaders
Andie Culp
Andie Culp Intern | Mural Tour Leader
Taidgh McClory Co-Chair of the Board
Anne Gatling Haynes Co-Chair of the Board
Rick Jakious Treasurer
Cey Adams
Maribel Colon
Bob Goldman
Al Wilson Founder & CEO