Our Team

We work year-round with an all star cast of volunteers, in-kind partners, and our local government to get… stuff… done.
Alfred Wilson - Founder and CEO
Al Wilson Founder & CEO
Philip Fagan
Philip Fagan Vice President | Finance & Operations
Charlotte Maher
Charlotte Maher Art Director
Cey Adams
Golden Production Manager
Keif Production Manager
Koeun Neak Videographer
Francois Studios | Filmmaker & Photographer
Ferns Francois Francois Studios | Filmmaker & Photographer
"I love Lynn"
Danielle Marie Francois
Danielle Marie Francois Francois Studios | Filmmaker & Photographer
Carlos Prudencio Youth Intern Leaders
Damianny Garrido Youth Intern Leaders
Andie C - Youth Intern - Mural Tour Leader
Andie Culp Intern | Mural Tour Leader

Board of Directors

Al Wilson Founder & CEO
Taidgh McClory Co-Chair of the Board
Anne Haynes Co-Chair of the Board
Rick Jakious
Gordon Hall