Curated Experience

The CURATED EXPERIENCE of Beyond Walls is leading the charge in urban rejuvenation through artistry. This pioneering sector of Beyond Walls employs the power of art to transform private areas into lively, community-focused environments. In partnership with property developers, building owners and businesses, our specialty lies in crafting grand art installations that enhance your environment and reflect the unique culture, history and values you hold dear. Merging creative brilliance with business objectives, this division not only propels your goals, but supports Beyond Walls mission to activate space to strengthen communities, which aims to enrich the lives of others.



At Beyond Walls, we collaborate closely with building owners and businesses to leverage the potent influence of exterior murals. Our approach is to create artwork that resonates with the history, culture, and messaging of your brand, ensuring that every employee feels acknowledged and valued. By carefully selecting artists whose vision aligns with your company’s ethos, we foster a collaborative environment aimed at crafting the most impactful and harmonious experience. Our goal is to not only beautify your workspace but also to weave your unique narratives into the visual landscape, making your premises a beacon of inclusivity and inspiration. With Beyond Walls, you are part of the creative journey, resulting in a finished product that celebrates diversity and embodies your business’s core values.



At Beyond Walls, we understand the transformative power of art extends beyond outdoor spaces. Our talented team includes interior mural artists who specialize in revitalizing office environments and commercial spaces. Utilizing non-toxic materials and state-of-the-art protective measures, we ensure a seamless and clean installation process, maintaining the integrity of your indoor spaces while infusing them with creativity and color. Discover the difference of professional-grade, indoor-friendly graffiti art with Beyond Walls.

Services Offered:

1.        Design Collaboration: Partnerships for designing and executing art installations.

2.        Customized Artwork: Diverse art forms reflect community identity, from murals to sculptures and beyond.

3.        Project Management: Comprehensive handling from concept to installation.

4.        Community Engagement: Involves locals in the creative process.

5.        Licensing: Manages licensing for artwork advertisement and promotion.