Classroom to the Streets

Taking Classroom to the Streets


Beyond Walls has created a culturally engaged outdoor museum. The stops on the pilot tour in the fall of 2019 were chosen for their relationship to key learning goals aligned to the Lynn Public School’s strategic plan.


Using this model, Beyond Walls offered other tours in the spring and summer of 2021 and 2021.  Each program will include a reading as preparation, an art tour, and a hands-on reflection, designed to offer opportunities for high quality engagement with the arts as aligned to the National Arts Education Association’s framework of four standards: Responding to the visual art in the tour; Connecting art to the world and student experiences through discussion; Creating work of their own which builds on their experiences; and using a cycle of feedback to give students practice Presenting their work to others.

Carlos and Damianny, Beyond Walls Youth Interns, lead a mural tour in the summer of 2021 to a group of middle school students that have recently completed the Beyond Walls Lesson Plans and are now taking the “classroom to the streets.”


Project Partner Snapshot

Location: Lynn, MA

Community Partners: Breed Middle School, Marshall Middle School, Pickering School, Kipp Academy  

Contributors: Cummings Foundation, Essex National Heritage, ECCF