Retrolit was born out of a community-driven desire for making the walk around downtown more interesting and enjoyable.

Merging art, history and technology, Beyond Walls restored and installed 12 former vintage neon signs turned light-emitting pieces of artwork from the collection of Dave Waller of Brickyard VFX. These vibrant artifacts of classic commercial Americana have been dusted off, spruced up, and now shine light onto the streetscape… in all their retro glory. Mounted to several downtown buildings or displayed in storefronts throughout the downtown cultural district, these nostalgic pieces are evocative of the heyday of Lynn’s commercial and industrial past. Additionally, these pieces bring more light and increase the walkability of downtown Lynn.


Community Partners: Dave Waller of Brickyard VFX, Joe Mulligan, TDI Fellow, MassDevelopment, The Office of Community Development & The City of Lynn

Locations: Elm Restaurant & The Donut @ 49 Munroe St., Toys, Stationery & Sporting Goods @ 95 Munroe St., Carroll’s Typewriter Exchange @ 110 Munroe St., O’Day’s Cleaner @ 191 Oxford St., Ann’s Restaurant @ 516 Washington St., New on Sang Fish and Poultry, Lad & Lassie Shoes & Joe’s’ Shoes @ 545 Washington St., International Order of Odd Fellows @33 Spring St., Egg-O-Matt @ 465 Washington St.

Scale: 12 Vintage Neon Pieces of Art installed throughout Lynn’s Cultural District

Status: Completed Spring 2018