Viva Fall River 2022

Viva Fall River MUrals
July 17 - 31, 2022

We joined forces with Fall River Arts and Culture Council (FRACC), Viva Fall River, and Fall River Public Schools to produce world-class murals in the downtown that highlight this gem of a city as a destination.  

Driven by the powerful influence of the country’s largest Portuguese-American population, our dynamic collaboration this year is rooted in our cultural exchanges and education programs, which tie into a direct platform for our innovative Classroom to the Streets initiative. 



Known for its history as the center of textile manufacturing during the industrial revolution, present-day Fall River is emerging as a community of modern creativity and innovation. Our work in Fall River excels in alignment with the Viva Arts and Cultural Creative Economy Plan, which recognizes and celebrates the culture, diversity, and active arts and creative enterprises in the city. In essence, the Creative Economy Plan is about much more than arts and culture, it’s about quality of life, opportunities for residents, and a nurturing environment for businesses. 

Supporting the Creative Economy:

“Murals and street art can be transformative to a community- aesthetically, of course, but also on a deeper level. It can instill a sense of pride, it can reflect the diversity, the cultures represented in the community. It can provide a means for engagement, for inclusion, making people feel like they are part of the creative process. It can also be a welcoming beacon to those outside of the community - come visit us! The gray areas provided by this kind of art allow people to dream a little and see something in their community that they might not have previously noticed. It is this awareness, this spark, that can lead to great things for a community- for MY Community.”

Featured Artists