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Advancing Our Mission

Activating space to strengthen communities by using art, design and planning to improve how people engage with and feel about their built environment.  We seek to have an impact that fosters improvement in the economic, social and civic life of communities by creating more open, active, and accessible spaces that are welcoming and appealing to people from all backgrounds and generations.

Serving Cities, Towns, and People

We serve cities and towns where there are changes due to the loss of industry, shifts in population, or where there is underutilized infrastructure.  We serve people, civic leaders, and business owners who want to work together to manifest the power of art, design, and planning to tie the heritage of the past to the potential of the future.

Delivering Epic Art and Designed Spaces

Activating space creates activities that engage people of all ages, virtually and in-person.  Our strengths lies in our ability to enact a community’s shared vision by connecting and using the talents and
priorities of people, civic leaders, business owners, and artists. We leverage 
a network of outsized resources to enhance the
communities we work with to design and implement plans effectively and efficiently.


The mission of Beyond Walls is to activate space to strengthen communities. Activating space involves creating epic artistic public installations. Strengthening communities involves increasing both economic development and civic engagement.