Youth Intern Program


One of our key values includes incorporating local youth into our projects whenever possible. We partner with the City of Lynn Youth Employment Program, as well as many other youth-serving organization, hiring youth as a part of our Festival staff to lead mural tours and much more. In addition to providing much needed summer income to the interns, this internship program also provides the community’s young aspiring artists with the opportunity to connect with successful working artists.

In 2020, Beyond Walls and the Youth Interns of Lynn found another way to give back…

By NBC Channel 10 Boston

During our 2019 Art Festival we employed 10 Lynn based teenagers to aid us and worked with volunteers to conduct multiple cleanups of Downtown Lynn. We additionally collected trash and plastic for the visiting artist Bordallo II

Dubbed ‘The Crew” (Carlos, Chris, Edi, Haytam, Jah’Nya, Janiah, Lizzy, Mac, Shawn and Ty), our Lynn based teenagers supported our artists in their installs, and were trained to conduct tours of the murals. 

This impact has lasted beyond the Festival, as they became an integral part of our work in the fall as we got Lynn 6th, 7th and 8th graders out of the classroom and into discovering the epic art of their community. Check out a recap here.

These young adults will take with them interpersonal and project management skills into their bright futures.

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