Bordalo II Mural

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Secondary ELA

Bordalo II Mural - Lesson Activity

1. Watch a video about Bordalo II

2. Read Bordalo II’s biography on the Beyond Walls website

3. Explore more of Bordalo II’s work here

4. Answer the questions below:

6. Extension Activity:
  • Collect recycling from around your home or classroom.
  • Create a mural using what you found.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Have you seen any of the murals in Lynn before?
Does studying the murals make you want to go and see them in person?
Do you think having murals in the city makes it special?
Did the mural(s), the symbolism, or the artist’s story make you think about your life and experiences?
If you have any questions or need assistance, email
Secondary ELA

Bordalo II Mural - Lesson Plan


Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually,
quantitatively, and orally



  • Identify and evaluate the theme and symbols in a mural.
  • Articulate whether they are for or against recycling/waste produced by humans.
  • Vocabulary: Theme, Symbol, Symbolism, Inspiration, Recycled Materials, continuity,
    consumerism, and manifesto.


  1. Watch a video of Bordalo II.
  2. Read Bordalo II’s Bio.
  3. Explore more of his work.
  4. Evaluate the theme, symbol, symbolism, inspiration, and recycle materials used.
  5. Write an argumentative paragraph (2 options).
  6. Extension Activity: Create your own mural out of recycled materials.