Don Rimx Mural

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Secondary ELA

Don Rimx - Lesson Activity

Read Don Rimx’s biography and watch on the video on the Beyond Walls website:
Don RIMX’s artwork focuses on making the connection between the city, nature, and the being. In order to accomplish this he utilize wood to represent nature, bricks to represent the city, and the combination of the two to comprise the form of a human or animal.Thru the combination of these two elements, Don Rimx tries to stimulate creativity and open thought so every spectator has their own personal experience while looking at his artwork; thereby constructing their own personal interpretation of the piece.

3. Look closely at Don Rimx’s mural. List some the symbols you see in the mural (colors, shapes, etc)

Extension Activity

Look at a second mural created by Don Rimx.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Have you seen any of the murals in Lynn before?
Does studying the murals make you want to go and see them in person?
Do you think having murals in the city makes it special?
Did the mural(s), the symbolism, or the artist’s story make you think about your life and experiences?
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Secondary ELA

Don Rimx Mural - Lesson Plan


Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.


• Identify and evaluate symbols in a mural.

• Describe the meaning of a mural.

• Compare and contrast symbols in two murals painted by the same artist.

• Vocabulary: Symbol, Symbolism, Inspiration


  1. Review symbol, symbolism, inspiration

  2. Watch video of Don Rimx

  3. Read Don Rimx’s Bio

  4. Evaluate symbolism in mural

  5. Identify what mural means to student

  6. Extension Activity: Compare and Contrast 2 murals