Lynn Mural Walking Tour Form

Mural Walking Tour Information:


·      Length of the Tour: The tour is roughly one mile and typically lasts about 1.5 hours. However, the exact duration can vary based on the number of questions we receive — we like questions!  So the tour can last as long as long as it takes.


·      Number of Murals Viewed: Depending on the available time, we aim to explore 22 to 30 murals of the 80+ murals in Lynn. Should there be a strict timeline, we can adjust the pace to accommodate all the murals planned for the tour or modify the duration accordingly.


·      Group Size: Ideally, each tour guide manages a group of up to 30 participants comfortably. We can accommodate slightly larger groups if necessary.


·      Tour Contribution: A donation of $200 is suggested for each group tour.


·      Safety Measures: Participant safety is a priority, especially when crossing streets. We recommend that youth groups are accompanied by sufficient adult supervision to ensure a secure experience.


·      Local Exploration: We encourage visiting additional attractions in Lynn either before or after your mural tour. There are numerous exceptional dining options we’re happy to recommend.