“Global Open Call” Campaign

Art Circuit – Downtown Lynn

About Amplifier:

Amplifier is a nonprofit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times. We design and distribute art that engages people in the creation of a more just, inclusive and sustainable future.


In response to COVID-19, Seattle’s renowned design lab Amplifier launched an emergency campaign with top art curators and public-health advisors from around the world, asking global artists to create messages to promote mental health and public safety, wellness and a vision for a better world beyond the pandemic. Art can heal, art can save lives, and art can bring us together even while we are apart. It can be a compass to guide us through this storm. With this in mind, Amplifier has made these designs accessible freely to the public, amplifying these messages across communities. 

In Lynn, the artwork of this campaign served as an inspiration to hundreds of local youth, who shared their drawings and paintings for the Truth Be Told project. In October, over 60 of these posters were installed by local high school students outside small businesses and pedestrian paths in Downtown Lynn, filling a void of public communication about wellness on the streets, for the people. 

Now more than ever we need to come together and combat this virus. Now more than ever we need to stay strong and protect both our physical and mental health. These symbols will stand long after the virus is gone as a testament to our resilience — in Lynn and beyond.

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