Beyond Walls Lynn Mural Festival 2017

Welcome to the official page of the Beyond Walls 2017 Mural Festival! This 10-day festival transformed the city of Lynn, Massachusetts, into an open-air gallery with stunning murals, exciting events, and vibrant community engagement.

Festival Highlights

Attendance and Engagement

  • Total Attendance: 5,235
  • Artists Involved: 20 international and local artists
  • Murals Created: 15 unique murals

Key Events

  • Rock the Block Party: Culminating event featuring live music, food trucks, artisan vendors, and activities.
  • Artist Talks: Engaging discussions with participating artists about their work and experiences.
  • Mural Tours: Guided tours showcasing the newly created murals.

Economic Impact

The Beyond Walls Mural Festival had a significant economic impact on the local community:

  • Local Expenditures: $85,000
  • New Sales Generated: $108,000
  • New Earnings: $21,000
  • Jobs Created: 0.4 (in addition to those associated with the Festival)

Community Benefits

  • Increased Foot Traffic: Local businesses experienced increased customer visits during the festival.
  • Enhanced Reputation: The festival improved Lynn’s reputation as a cultural destination.
  • Social Media Reach: The festival’s media coverage was valued at $407,749, reaching millions through traditional and digital platforms.

Artist and Community Feedback

Participating Artists

Artists appreciated the opportunity to showcase their work and expand their professional networks. All participating artists expressed interest in future Beyond Walls events.

Community Members

Survey respondents highlighted the positive impact of the festival on their perception of Lynn. Many noted increased pride in their community and a renewed interest in downtown Lynn.

Media Coverage

The festival received extensive media coverage, with 65 print, digital, and web-based articles published. This coverage helped amplify the festival’s reach and attract more visitors to Lynn

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