Connected Through Water

Tierra Bomba, Colombia & Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

At present, water blankets 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, with over half of the oxygen essential for human respiration being generated by the ocean. This reliance on the oceans serves as a unifying factor among all human beings. Recently, students hailing from two coastal communities—one in the US and the other in Colombia—convened on Zoom, exchanging videos depicting their respective lives. Despite the contrasting aspects of their lifestyles, they unearthed shared commonalities, particularly their dependence on the invaluable resource of water.

Kevin Ledo collaborated with children from John J. Doran School in Fall River, MA, who engaged in a video exchange and Zoom calls with students residing on Tierra Bomba island, Colombia. Through these interactions, they delved into their respective cultures, discovering both unique traits and commonalities. A significant bond between these coastal communities lies in their relationship with water. To symbolize this shared appreciation for the vital resource, Kevin depicted one of the students joyfully emerging from water, enveloped by vibrant bands of color. Within these bands, the children’s paintings of shared marine life, a lighthouse, and a palm tree are featured. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to all who contributed to making this project possible.

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