Holyoke Street Art Tour 2022

El Corazón de Holyoke
Holyoke, Massachusetts
June 14 – 27, 2022

In honor of the upcoming state designation of Holyoke’s Puerto Rican Cultural District — the second in the country! — Beyond Walls and Nueva Esperanza Inc. produced a series of murals from the Caribbean’s most celebrated artists, culminating during the much-anticipated Noche de San Juan Festival.

The City of Holyoke is home to the largest concentration of Puerto Ricans per capita outside of the main island, making up 50% of the population. Beyond Walls collaborated with El Corazón / Heart of Holyoke, a cultural placekeeping initiative that celebrates the heritage and modern identities that define the city. As Holyoke receives this esteemed cultural designation, we’re amplifying these festive celebrations with epic murals that connect artists from Puerto Rico to Holyoke and beyond. 



Featured Artists
—2022 murals: before + aFTER—
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