PATIO turns urban spaces into reimagined oases.

Through funding from the Essex County Community Foundation Creative County Initiative, we partnered with local collaborators, Cojuelos Productions (community engagement consulting firm) and Crowley Cottrell (landscape architect) to design and build a series of Parklets to be piloted in the Downtown Lynn Cultural District. Parklets are public space platforms that convert curbside parking spaces and other elements of the streetscape into vibrant community spaces. Dubbed PATIO, the parklets come in three different orientations “GATHER” “VEND” and “PERFORM”. Our parklets will be deployed throughout the summer, activated during the Street Art Festival and will see programming later through the fall. 



Funders: Barr Foundation, Essex County Community Foundation, AARP.

Scale: Three portable, flexible Public Parklets that will serve as spaces to gather, vend or perform. 

Locations: Central Square, 65 Munroe Street, Sutton Street

Partners: The City of Lynn, Crowley Cottrell, Cojuelos Productions, Downtown Lynn Cultural District, GREAT ART STUDIO