Mutua, Mozambique & Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

In the contemporary world, human communication occurs at unparalleled speeds. Ideas and cultures can swiftly traverse vast distances, being shared, transmitted, and reciprocated with ease. Keeping this notion in focus, children from Lynn, Massachusetts, USA, have established connections with their counterparts in Mutua, Sofala, Mozambique, through video correspondence. Despite the considerable geographical separation of over 12,000 kilometers, their mutual appreciation for music, sports, and diverse cultures resonates harmoniously across the oceans.

Lynn, MA

While traversing downtown Lynn, Massachusetts, individuals encounter a fresh mural crafted by Kevin Ledo alongside a collective of local youth, evoking a universal affection for music, sports, and culture. The mural portrays a young boy from YMCA Metro North, adorned in a hometown sports jersey, set against a vibrant backdrop inspired by Mozambican textile patterns. This pattern serves as a visual echo of the cultural bond and newfound friendship forged by the children of Lynn with their counterparts across the globe in Mutua, Mozambique.

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