The Launch


In May 2017, Boston-based landscape architecture and planning firm Brown, Richardson and Rowe began a year long process to update Lynn’s waterfront open space plan. The team organized an inclusive process with area residents, local business owners, elected leaders.

Compiled data suggests that local residents desire the following public amenities:  

  • Waterfront opportunities for walking and exercise

  • Public space to host and attend concerts and cultural events

  • Food based experiences

  • Opportunities for more public recreation, local community programing and free amenities

Beyond Walls seeks to build an early action temporary activation of the Ferry Terminal site at 37-39 Bubier St. in Lynn. “The Launch” will be a temporary waterfront park and marine terminal constructed out of repurposed shipping containers. It will provide meaningful public access to the water’s edge and respond to the community expressed needs in Brown Richardson and Rowe’s Waterfront Master Planning process. You can find out more about “The Launch” and support our