Wash and Fold


In response to the ongoing pandemic and in keeping with our mission — activating public spaces to strengthen communities — Beyond Walls recognized the need for flexible outdoor spaces where people can safely gather, eat, drink, and enjoy all that their communities have to offer. With pro-bono design services provided by our longtime-supporter, Payette, and through the work of Lynn Vocational Technical High School students, we developed two new “tools” designed to address this immediate challenge.



WaSH – Portable Hand Washing Station

A free-standing, weather-resistant handwashing station that can be used in high traffic areas such as parks, playgrounds, downtown business districts, construction sites and at outdoor dining areas. No electricity or plumbing is required and installation is quick and easy. Constructed from laser cut sheet-metal and featuring solar powered lighting and foot pedals for hands-free operation, WaSH units can be customized to meet branding guidelines.

FoLD – An Outdoor Dining Experience

An attractive, easy to install barrier system that makes outdoor dining safe and accessible while protecting clientele from traffic. Laser-cut sheet-metal parts flat-pack for simple assembly. Each unit, which can include planters for additional privacy, lighting, and trellises, can be tailored to meet marketing and branding guidelines.


WaSH Portable Hand Washing Stations

In an effort to be responsive to the COVID pandemic, Beyond Walls transitioned its efforts in 2020 to the creation of a portable hand washing station with the help of Payette, a Boston based architecture firm. Currently, WaSH is being assembled in Lynn by students from Lynn Vocational Technical Institute to supply public wash stations for Lynn, MA in addition to neighboring cities and states. This has allowed us to further our mission to activate public spaces to strengthen communities.

Beyond Walls has secured funding in order to provide additional hand WaSH stations to other communities in Massachusetts. We are eager to review interest forms to see if your location can be approved for the rapid response installation of the next hand wash station. Please complete the Interest Form to start the process.