Patrick Byrne

Head of Vulnerable Population Task Force

As leader of the Lynn Vulnerable Population Taskforce at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was contacted by Al Wilson from Beyond Walls.  Al indicated that Beyond Walls wanted to help us meet our immediate needs.

After discussion with the entire task force we identified hand washing stations as a priority. The homeless population were denied access to many basic hygiene opportunities due to COVID-19 closings, making it impossible for them to follow CDC guidelines regarding frequent hand washings.

Al asked two questions; how many do you need and where should we put them?

Beyond Walls immediately provided this population with three stations in downtown Lynn. The response was immediate, unconditional and provided comfort and hygiene to this vulnerable group.

I remain grateful for the leadership, generosity and compassion demonstrated by Beyond Walls.

LVTI Interns at work_10Jul2020.jpg



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