I’ve enjoyed working with Beyond Walls over the last year. So very often as a city employee we are tasked with solving unique problems and challenges and it is a struggle to find resources and partners that you have confidence in that they will truly help or ‘get it’ In my experience, I have found Beyond Walls to be a tremendous resource and they ‘get it’.  I truly hope that this is the beginning of many collaborations, because Beyond Walls can bring many tools and solutions to the table that will improve the Nashua community.

What started out as basically a cold call early in 2020 has turned into a great strategic partnership. Oftentimes for parochial reasons we only think of getting or giving support to local or from our community orientated groups, but despite the fact that Lynn and Nashua are separated by many miles – we share common challenges. I’m grateful Beyond Walls was able to look beyond their borders and assist our community. One specific example of this is Beyond Walls’ WaSH and FoLD initiatives. During very stressful times we needed a practical community solution to help mitigate some of the challenges COVID-19 was presenting in our community and Beyond Walls was there for us. What may appear to be a small effort (being a resource to provide the city with portable hand washing stations) had exponential positive results including to help keep Nashua safe our positivity rate low and ultimately saving lives.