promote different culture

Outdoor theatrical performances

Arts Festivals (like this

I really liked what they did at kids fest and at the Goecke parking deck several years ago where anyone at a specific event/s could contribute to an art piece. Where many hands create a massive work together.

I'd love to see Kidsfest, or something similar return! Any kid friendly/family friendly events would be fabulous. We love the Art Walk and Riverfest!

Additional opportunities to engage our city’s youth to participate. For example the Reading Promise murals.

Fun social activities with seasonal appeal-christmas stroll, chocolate trail, eggnog stroll, pub crawl, street musicians

Team Haverhill already conducts Downtown and open space cleanups. We could use more help from others. More Events like the Art Walk, River Ruckus, any events are welcome.

More variety in music, and theatre outside of just the high school events

I love what Lowell has done with their Western Ave property. I think a similar concept in Haverhill would be a win, win.... with monthly public events to draw folks into the artisit's studio to view and purchase their pieces would be wonderful. My thought being folks then go out to grab coffee or lunch or a drink. The need to artists studios is huge in our area.

More plays and music events.

Note, Haverhill has a robust clean up effort- team haverhill clean and green. We the ready for the murals, programming

I loved the artist panel in Lynn with all the woman artists in 2019(?) in particular but all these events would be great to have in Haverhill- Haverhill has been stuck and many “townies” have a clear image of what they feel Haverhill is, and it’s not the reality of Haverhill

Community Festivals that celebrate our history, our culture, and our future.

This is very exciting