18 Howard St

It makes the city more welcoming.

Street art does everything above, but it will be funded because it increases customers for local businesses, encourages tourism, and brings people together in a spirit of pride, community, and collaboration.

I think it's a wonderful idea and I love the murals that Haverhill already has. I think the more the better! We have a wonderful city and I think public art only enhances it!

We call Haverhill a vibrant city, let’s put our resources behind that. Street art is a great way to incorporate story telling in a purposeful way to be a more culturally responsive community. Additionally it’s not particularly progressive if we consider all the global examples new and old.

Create beautiful and meaningful spaces to hang out in our downtown.

Murals will discourage graffiti. This will help our image as a safe and clean city. This will encourage tourism and help local businesses. Opportunities for artists will be created. People will take pride in the city. Ect.

Art inspires emotion and creativity of the emotions while creating what a safe space means to one.

Many reasons: Beautifies our area, promotes the areas where the installation is, Shines a light on local area business and artists, when organized as an event draws tourists.

I lived in Salem, MA when their mural project went up, and I instantly found myself regularly walking through neighborhoods I’d never walked through with my step daughter, and eating at restaurants I never knew existed. It became a huge source of pride for me as a resident and for her as a part time resident. Haverhill could benefit in similar and most likely more ways.