ArtUp Lowell | Street Art Tour 2022

Artup Lowell Murals

August 14 - 28, 2022

Celebrating art, culture, history and diversity in Lowell, MA with epic murals from local and visiting artists.

In 2022, we’re continuing our mission of bringing culturally responsive large-scale public art into our neighborhoods. 2022 Murals will be featured on buildings from Coalition for Better Acre, Eliot Church, Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell campuses.


Our Vision:
  • Celebrate the cultural diversity of Lowell with 5+ murals.
  • Feature youth engagement through mural tours and creative activities.
  • Design community programming with a focus on culture and education.
  • Invite global talent that reflects Lowell’s diverse cultural heritage.
  • Create paid opportunities for Lowell artists to participate and collaborate.

About our Coalition: 

ArtUp Lowell is a community-wide initiative to bring together youth, educators, artists and community organizations to create temporary and permanent neighborhood art. Our vision is to strengthen the communal spaces of our city by producing dynamic, visually appealing and culturally relevant art in the public realm to tell the stories of Lowell’s culture, history and diversity. 

ArtUp Lowell has united partners to shape Lowell’s street art festival this summer. Our coalition of supporters includes… members of The Office of Cultural Affairs & Special Events, the Lowell Historic Board, Lowell Public Schools, Coalition for a Better Acre, Eliot Church, Middlesex Community College, UMass Lowell, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, the Lowell Community Health Center, Greater Lowell Chamber of Commerce, members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, and many more local youth and creative organizations. ArtUp Lowell is made possible by Project LEARN, Community Teamwork, Inc., Beyond Walls and BRM Production Management.